Make Your Social Media, Make Dollars and Sense 🙌🏾💰

"57.5% of users find the increased number of promotional posts annoying and it’s the first reason they get irritated by a brand’s presence.” - SproutSocial

Foreign jargon, personality-less, the lack of quality DMs are a sure sign something is broken. Social Media is not only about followers and likes, it’s an extension of you and your brand. Whether we want to get on board or not —we can all agree, it has an impact on our business’ reputation if we don’t manage it properly. And so, this 41-page toolkit (of the 4 top-ranked social platforms) will help you shape and leverage your social presence online.

👍Facebook - 14 Doable Fan Page Growth Strategies (under-rated methods to out scheme the fan page flaky algorithm)

🗓LinkedIn - Hot leads + Connections (including a behind-the-scene look at how I flipped a new connection into a $2,000 project)

🐦Twitter - Make Your Twitter Pop (the step-by-step techniques to pop & set up shop online)

📸Instagram - 9 Captivating Captions to Skyrocket Your Instagram Engagement (spark and leverage caption conversations that lead directly back to business)

➕PLUS, peek inside a Digital Marketer's toolbox: 3-pages stuffed with the top social media secret weapons to automate and create like the pros do (links to resources they rather you not know).

I'm Tennile of and I built my copywriting business by capitalizing on social media.

✔It was a Facebook group where I got my first 3 sales in under 5 minutes

✔A Twitter chat that Fedex'ed a client directly to my inbox

✔Instagram that grew my email list and influence with minimal effort

✔And LinkedIn, continues to be my #1 customer referral goldmine

I'll spare you the tricks and tactics that expire in 24hrs. 100% of the information included can be applied immediately and the results will follow...if you undoubtedly want it.

In the event, you value your time, then I am handing over the cheat codes for you to reap the rewards in half the brain power it took me to Fix My Social Media.

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